Small Animal Orthopedic Surgery; Orthopedic Examination, Fracture treatment and Canine Hip dysplasia


Date: 2020-08-20

Training course was held during the period from August, 2020 till October, 2020 for 27 veterinarians and post-graduates. Up-to-date teaching modalities were used during the course; Presentations, Role plays, Worksheets &Exercises, Bone models, Orthopedic instruments, Cadavers and clinical cases. Moreover, International webinars were carried out. Thanks to Professor Dr. Pozyabin Sergey  Vladimerovich, Head of Surgery Department and the president of Moscow state academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology, and Professor Dr. Nicholas Jefferey, Professor of Small animal Neurology and Neurosurgery who had given two interesting lectures for our trainees. Entry exam for the necessary anatomical information was made for our trainees in addition to exit exam at the end of the training course. Items included in the training course are:

  • How to make orthopedic examination & characters  of the most common orthopedic affections of small animals and how to make identification by orthopedic examination and radiographic examination. (Presentations, Worksheets, Role plays & presentations)
  • How to differentiate between lameness and ataxia. (Presentations) 
  • Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD); Symptoms, Degrees and Treatment (Conservative & Surgical TTT); Femoral Head osteotomy (FHO), Radiographic signs, Goniometry of the normal and dysplastic Canine hips. (Presentations, Worksheets & bone models)  
  • Biomechanics of small animal long bones and joints; Biomechanics of both fracture types and fixation implants. (presentations)
  • Fracture typing; Classifications as AO classification, topographical classification. (Presentations, Worksheets & bone models)  
  • Fracture treatment; Different techniques for fracture fixation, Fixations implants, Surgical approaches & How to fix a fracture. (Presentations, bone models & cadavers)
  • How to perform FHO; surgical approach & postoperative physiotherapy. (Presentations, bone models & Cadavers)
  • How to treat long bone fractures in growing animals.

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