Intervertebral disc disease “IVDD” in dogs; Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment


Date: 2020-03-22

Intervertebral disc diseases (IVDD), including disc prolapse, in dogs and cats are very common. They cause a variety of clinical symptoms ranging from ataxia and neck or back till paralysis of hind limb or front legs or both of them. Our training course included the following skills and items;

1. How to perform a neurological examination; Spinal and cranial affections (On Live animal sessions)?

2. How to differentiate between neurological affections and orthopedic affections depending on the history and gait; Presentations?

3. How to diagnose IVD prolapse depending on clinical picture, MRI, C.T and Myelography (C.T and MRI workshops)?.

4. How to perform Hemilaminectomy (On vertebral column Models & On live animals / Cadaver sessions)?

5. Performing myelography (Contrast spinal x. ray; On animal sessions)?

6.How to treat neurological affections; either Medically or Surgically?

7. How to identify the neurological dysfunction degree? and How does it have impact on the plan of treatment?

8. How to make localization of the site and characters of IVDH depending on the clinical symptoms and diagnostic modalities; mainly MRI (Case studies/Workshops/ role play)?

9. Exit exam was performed at the end of the training for evaluation of educational outcomes gained.

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