• Dr. Sarah Soliman has graduated from Faculty of Veterinary medicine, Mansoura University, Class 2016, with 4 years experience of Small Animal Medicine and Surgery. In addition to that, She is Owner/Founder of Aleef Animal Hospital Dr- Sara Soliman in Mansoura City, Egypt, 2018 till now.
  • Sarah is a candidate of Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates (ECFVG) certification program. Moreover, She attended intensive training courses on ECG and Ultrasonographic examination of internal organs in Dogs and Cats. Sarah was a trainee, after graduation, in more than veterinary hospital in Cairo and Mansoura City.
  • Dr Sarah had attended and passed  training course titled “Intervertebral Disc Diseases in Dogs; Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment” held in March, 2020, with high passing score (85%).