Surgical treatment of traumatic elbow Luxation in a Cat


  • Leo, 3 years old cat, was admitted to our clinic )Elite veterinary clinic, Riyadh, KSA) with acute left hand lameness after a sudden accident.
  • Outward rotation of the hand was very clear
Leo with outward rotation of the hand distal to the elbow joint

Orthopedic and Radiographic examination:

  • Orthopedic examination revealed severe pain and crepitating sound at the elbow joint.
  • Radiographic examination showed complete elbow dislocation with radius and ulna bones proximal extremities was completely displaced.



Postoperative care:

  • Antibiotics (Amoxycillin clavulanic acid for 7 days) and Analgesics for 5 days following surgery (Ketoprofen)
  • Complete cage restriction for one month following surgery
  • Hand bandage is removed 10 days following surgery.

Follow up after One 3 weeks:

Leo can use his left hand with very unnoticed degree of lameness
  • Leo was able to use his hand sufficiently and waiting for more improvement in his gait as soon as possible.
  • Continue cage restriction