Right side head lacerative wound care in a German Shepherd Dog


  • A 5- years old german Shepherd dog was admitted to our clinic with lacerative and infected wound after a dog fight.

Clinical examination:

  • Infected secretions , worms infestation and cavitations at the right side of the head invading the mastication muscles and temporal muscles

Wound care

  • Stage (1) From 7-10 days; Systemic deworming + Topical Ivermectin and Hydrogen peroxide for one week + Wound care including betadine and Antibioticss + systemic antibiotics e.g. Cefalexine !
  • Stage (2) Suturing of the Wound with drainage placement if needed for wash and exudate drainage !
    Skin relief incisions may be needed for providing sufficient skin without knots failure !
  • Relief incisions were placed caudal to the main suture line