Plate fixation of old radius and ulnar fracture

-A 35 kg body weight 3 years old male German shepherd was admitted to our clinic in Riyadh, KSA with lifting limb lameness for 10 days after trauma.

Orthopedic examination;

  1. Painful palpation of the left radius and ulna with crepitating sound with palpation.

Radiographic examination; 

  1. Transverse radius and ulna fracture (2, B, A)

Surgical decision;

  1. Internal fixation of the fracture with 3.5 high profile 8-holes DCP plate.

Surgical procedure;

1.Craniolateral longitudinal incision was made according to “An atlas of Surgical approaches to the bones and joints of the dog and cat”

2.Cephalic vein and accessory cephalic vein were retracted

3.Old callus and fibrotic tissues were bluntly removed to obtain a clearly visible fracture line.

4.Reduction was made by the use of two reduction forceps and plate reduction technique.

5.A 3.5 -8- holes DCP plate was used for internal fixation. Corresponding 2.7 drill bit was used for drilling.

6.Closure was performed in two separate layers; muscle apposition and skin closure.

7.Modified robert Jones bandage for leg fixation for 14 days after operation.


Postoperative Care;

  1. Ceftriaxone 1 gm for 10 days postoperatively
  2. Carprofen 100 mg tablets for 10 days postoperatively.
  3. Bandage change weekly