Plate fixation of distal diaphyseal fracture in a Greyhound Dog

A 3-years old dog was admitted to our clinci with hand 5th grade lameness after a car accident.

  • Orthopedic examination revealed severe pain at the distal forearm area in addition to crepitaing sensation.
  • Radiographic examination showed distal diaphyseal transverse fracture ar radius and ulna.
  • Hematological examination had normal parameters except for elevated ALT liver enzyme.
Fig., (1) Showed preoperative radiographic examination


  • Surgical interference was indicated (Internal fixation by bone platting; 3.5 DCP plate was used) through a craniolateral incision over the radius bone.
Fig., (3) showed postoperative bone plate fixation after successful reduction of both radius and ulna fracture

Postoperative care:

  • Cage restriction was indicated
  • Systemic antibiotics and anti-inflammatories was indicated for 10 days postoperatively.