1. A 5 years old baladi dog was presented to us with a history of persistent lower head carriage with an accident 3 years ago.
2. Gait: Wobbly high stepping HL gait.
Neurological examination revealed the following
-Exaggerated (+3) patellar reflex of both HL.
-Exaggerated (+3/+4) sciatic reflex of both HL.
-Exaggerated (+3) cranial tibial reflex of both HL.
-Normal Flexor reflex (+2) of both HL.
-Normal deep pain sensation (+2) of both HL.
-Increased Extensor Carpi Reflex/ECR (+3) of both TL.
-Increased triceps & Biceps reflexes of both TL.
-Normal withdrawal reflex and deep pain sensation of both TL.
-Normal Cranial nerves examination
-Reduced Proprioception/ Reduced hopping reflex of both HL (+1)
-Reduced Proprioception/ Reduced Paw position reflex of both HL & TL.
-Perineal reflex (Normal/+2)
-Panniculus reflex (Absent caudal to T13)
Grade 2 neurological deficits
Localization of neurological dysfunction
  • UMN dysfunction localized to (C1-C5/ Cervical spinal segment).
  • Generalized neuritis is a differential diagnosis.
X. Ray
  • No evident bony affection except for cervical C1-C2 mild malarticulation.
  • Thoracic and lumbar vertebrae shows no apparent affection.
  • CHD of the left hip joint (Grade 2) with no significant neurological effect.
Normal CBC and biochemistry profile
  • Case referred to MRI for further investigation of any other possible affections.
  • Medical approach (Gaptin, neurovitamins, Gastroprotectant)