Metaphyseal femoral complete fracture with Unicondylar fragmentation


  1. A four months dog presented with inability to bear weight on the right limb. Surgical intervention was recommended.
  • With clinical orthopedic examination, crepitation was evident in the distal femoral extremity.
  • With radiographic examination, metaphyseal fracture with a separated fragment of the femoral condyle (Fig., 1,2).
Fig., (1) shows a mediolateral pre-operative radiographic projection. Complete metaphyseal fracture can be seen with fracture fragment displacement.
N.B. Axial tibial and femoral growth plates can be still seen

Surgical treatment

  • The fracture was fixed with a transcondylar screw (reduction of the separated condyle) and Cross pinning (For metaphyseal fracture). Additional cerclage was placed bilaterally (Fig., 3-6).
Figure (6); Postoperative radiographic latero-medial projection (L) and Cranio-caudal projection (R). Complete reduction was achieved.