Medial patellar Luxation (MPL) and Femoral Block Recession

-A 3 years old male Pomeranian dog was admitted to our clinic in Riyadh, KSA with right hind limb extension and flexion deficits.

Orthopedic Examination:

-Medial patellar luxation “Grade 2”

Radiographic Examination: 

-Confirmed medial patellar luxation with mild tibial tuberosity medial displacement.


-Femoral trocheoplasty (Block Recession) with capsular imbrication.

Surgical Procedures:

1.Lateral parapatellar stifle arthrotomy was performed according to the approach described in “Approaches to the bones and joints of the dog and cats”.

2.Patellar reflection was made revealing the medial and lateral femoral ridges. Medial femoral ridge was clearly shorter than lateral femoral ridge resulting in shallow femoral groove.

3.Block recession “Temporary removal of rectangular chondral and subchondral block; Block Recession” was performed by the use of 11 scalpel blade.

4.Replacement of the block after deepening the groove by the use of bone curette.

5.Replacement of patella to the femoral groove with the limb in extension position.

6.Capsule was closed by horizontal mattress sutures with eversion of incision wound edges.

7.Skin and S/C were routinely closed by simple interrupted technique.  Postoperative care: 

1.Modified Robert Jones bandage for 1 week after operation

2.Antibiotic (Ceftriaxone 1 gm) for 10 days postoperatively

3.NSAIDs; Carprofen was prescribed for 2 weeks after surgery

4.Glucosamine chondroitin complex for 1 month after surgery

Two weeks follow up after operation: The dog was using his limb well waiting for more gait improvement