• An 12 years old female dachshund was presented with facial swelling with mouth bleeding.
  • No respiratory manifestations or GIT disturbances.

With Manual examination

  • Right molar and premolar teen and gum invasion in addition to hard palate irregularities caused by the swelling.

Computed Tomography, CBC & Biochemistry Profile

  • With CT, A poorly defined mass associated with aggressive osteolysis of the right maxilla bone and zygomatic arch.


  • Radical maxillectomy is recommended in cases in which the tumor has a safe distant from the cribiform plate which separates the nasal cavity from the cranial cavity.
  • In our case, No safe distant exists, so, euthanasia is recommended in case of respiratory manifestations or swallowing obstruction.
  • Depending on the owner decision to remove the reachable parts of the tumor, Surgical excision of the tumor and involved parts was performed.


  1. Surgical total removal of the maxillary part of the tumor,
  2. Surgical removal of osteolytic maxillary bone
  3. Affected teeth removal was performed
  4. Cosmetic wound closure
  5. Taking sample for histopathological examination

Postoperative Care

  1. Administration of suitable antibiotic and NSAID.
  2. Soft food for at least one week
  3. Nose edema and epistaxis postoperative care by Steroids administration with tapering and suction of accumulated bloody fluids by infantile automatic suction machine.
  4. Follow up one week after surgery showed complete disappearance of snoring and nasal edema with normal respiratory function.

Histopathological results

  • Malignant Melanoma