Internal Fixation of distal radius fracture in a 3-Y chihuahua dog


-A 3-Y female Chihuahua was presented to our clinic in New Cairo (DrPaws Veterinary Hospital) with acute onset of lifting limb lameness after a trauma 7 days earlier.

Orthopedic Examination

  1. Distal radius swelling with outward angular carpal deviation
  2. Severe pain and crepitation when palpating the bone and swelling

Radiographic examination

  1. Showed distal radius transverse fracture classified as (2,2,A) with latero-medial displacement of the proximal and distal fracture fragments.
  2. Medial-to-lateral radius border in distal fragment measures 16 mm while proximal (fracture end)-to-distal (Joint surface) measures around 8 mm.


  1. Rigid internal fixation (open reduction) is highly recommended with T-locking or L-shape locking 2.7 or 2.4 mm plate
  2. CBC, liver function tests and kidney function tests are within normal range


  1. Antibiotic shot was prescribed 30 minutes before skin incision to decrease the chance of infection.
  2. Incision is made at the cranial radius border lateral to the cephalic vein and curves distally with the course of the vein.

3.Incision and retraction of Skin, s/c, fascia, cephalic vein is performed.


4.Approach is performed between the common digital extensor tendon and extensor carpi radialis muscle tendon.

5. Exposure of the fracture line, removal of the old callus should be performed efficiently.

6.Reduction was successful by the aid of reduction forceps, plate forceps and by Plate-reduction technique.

7.Fracture was fixed rigidly by T-locking 2.7 plate.

8.Skin closure over the plate was performed and light bandage was applied for 2-3 days

Postoperative care

1.Wound care by saline, antibiotic spray and healosol spray (for improvement of the skin wound healing)

2.Systemic antibiotic, NSAID was prescribed for 10 days postoperatively

3.Heal collar was firmly recommended for the first 2 weeks postoperatively

4.Postoperative radiographic examination was indicated to ensure rigid fixation and reduction