Elbow arthrotomy and removal of fractured anconeal process in 58-kg Alabai

-A 58 kg B.wt male Alabai was admitted to our clinic in Riyadh, KSA with Severe right forelimb lameness with lowering head gait after fighting with another dog.

Orthopedic examination:

1.Severe pain reaction with elbow manipulation.

2.Evident crepitation with elbow extension, flexion, pronation and supination.

Radiographic examination:

1.Separated anconeal process of the right ulnar bone floating at the humero-ulnar fossa.

2.Severe CHD with bilateral hip arthritis.

Surgical Decision:

1.Medial elbow arthrotomy for extraction of the fractured anconeal process.

Surgical procedure:

1.Approach was performed according to “Atlas of surgical approaches of the bones and joints of the dog and cats”. Incision was made caudal to the humeral condyles distal to the proximal radius extremity.

2.Skin, s/c, superficial fascia, deep fascia was incised and retracted. Ulnar nerve, ulnar vessels were carefully retracted before joint capsule opening. Triceps muscle head and anconeus muscle were penetrated to joint capsule.

3.Arthrotomy was performed followed by extraction of the floating anconeal process.

4.Closure of joint capsule, triceps head and anconeus muscle by single layer horizontal mattress suture.

5.Skin and s/c closure by simple interrupted layers.

6.Modified robert bandage was applied for 5 days after operation to control to reduce postoperative swelling and support joint.

Postoperative Care;

1.Ceftraixone 1 gm for 1 week after operation

2.Carprofen 100 mg tablets for 1 week after operation

3.Glucosamine- chondroitin complex for 1 month after operation

Postoperative Follow up:

1.Within 2 weeks after operation, the dog is able to walk normally with full weight bearing