Basic Small Animal Orthopedic Surgery; Long bone fractures and Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD)

Status: Completed
Date: 14 August 2020
To: 29 August 2020
City: Cairo
Address: Fifth Settlement
Ticket Cost: 3750 EGP EGP

About Event

We are pleased to announce a training course on Small Animal Orthopedic Surgery.
  • The following Items will be covered:
1. How to aseptic approach orthopedic procedure.
2. How to make complete orthopedic examination.
3. Choose the best approach to long bone fractures.
4. Radiographic fracture identification, typing and preoperative planning.
5. Biomechanics of long bone fractures and fixation implants.
6. Fracture fixation in young growing pets.
7. Diagnosis of CHD “Canine Hip Dysplasia”
8. Performing FHO “Femoral Head ostectomy”
  • Prerequisites:
1. Entrance Exam will be held on Anatomical parts related to the training topics”,,,,,,,,,,,,
2. Graduate with at least two- years field experience,,,,,,,,
  • Evaluation Process depends mainly on:
1. Exit Exam will be held with 70% Passing score.
2. Overall performance during the training course.
,,,,,,,,,,” Certificates will be available for those who passed the exit exam”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
& Duration :
  • The Training will be held for 5-6 days (August, Fridays and Saturdays only; 14,15,21,22,28,29)
  • Overall 30 hours
& Cost and Registration of the training course
  • Registration by sending message to admin/page directly or to Whats App number (0079778483393)
  • Buying ticket by Vodafone Cash service to Number (01001015834)

About instructor

Esam Almenshawy

Lecturer of Small Animal Surgery, PhD, D.V.M. Dr Esam G. Almenshawy is Fellowship of Small Animal orthopedic Surgery and Neuro-Surgery, Moscow State Academy Of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology. In addition to that, he passed a Small Animal Surgery residency program (2016-2019) at Moscow State Academy Of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology.

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