Ultrasonographic diagnosis of Congenital hydrocephalus

Congenital Hydrocephalus in Dogs

-A 18 months chihuahua dog was presented to our with depression, abnormal behavior, hemiwalking and impaired vision.

-Neurological examination reveals the following: Decreased Menace reflex, decreased Palpebral reflex, Impaired proprioception of both hind limbs and front limbs.

-Neurological deficit was localized to brain.

-Chihuahua breed dogs have tendency to congenital hydrocephalus (Cyst in the brain).

Ultrasonographic Examination reveals: Cyst in the cranial cavity (Fluid-filled sac) measuring (27 mm* 32 mm) with hyperechogenic structure settled in the cyst floor measuring (10 mm * 16 mm) .