Elbow dysplasia and Osteoarthritis in 40 kg b.wt Labrador.


1.Dimosha, 7-years old, 40 kg b.wt Labrador, was presented to our surgery clinic- Moscow state academy of veterinary medicine and biotechnology- with chronic progression of right forelimb lameness with tendency to lower head during walking.

2.Few days ago, Dimosha was suddenly had a touching toes lameness of the left hind limb after a sudden jump.

Orthopedic examination

1.Pain reaction “behavioral reaction” during ROM of right elbow with decreased ability to fully extend and flex the joint.

2.Crepitating sensation was evident with right elbow manipulation.

3.Left stifle had a positive drawer sign and positive compression test of Henderson (cranial cruciate ligament suspected).

Radiographic Examination

1.Severe elbow arthritits with osteophytosis accumulation over the humeral condyles, olecranon and anconeal processes, proximal radius ends. Subchondral sclerosis & decreased joint space (Radio-ulnar step) are evident. Elbow dysplasia (ED) is highly suspected.

2.Left stifle showed displaced femoral condyles caudal to the inter tubercular eminence of the tibia with joint effusion suggesting CCLR. Tibial plateau angle was measured 157/23 degree.

3.Mild stifle OA was evident with accumulation of osteophytes over near to the apical patella.


1.Computed tompgraphy to investigate the elbow joint structures integrity.

2.Surgical interference for the correction of CCLR by the use of one of techniques depend on tibial osteotomy like TPLO.

3.Conservative treatment includes; NSAID (Carprofen) and Castro-prtotectant (Proton-pump inhibitors)

4.Platelets-rich-plasma intraarticular elbow injection may be tried.