Cervical disc Extrusion in 4 years male Griffon


-Four years male griffon was presented to our clinic in new Cairo (DrPaws Veterinary Hospital) with acute onset of tetraparesis and urine retention.

Neurological Examination

-Exaggerated hind limbs and thoracic limbs reflexes (Patellar reflex, Cranial tibial reflex, Sciatic Reflex, ECR reflex, Triceps and Biceps reflexes)

-Normal Flexor reflex of both HLs and both TLs.

-Intact perineal reflex

-Preserved deep pain sensation of the four legs.

-Intact Menace reflex, PR, PLR, Gag reflex and Hearing reflex.

-No nystagmus or strabismus.

Neurological Grade deficit & Localization of lesion

-Grade “4” neurological deficits localized to the cervical vertebrae C1-C5


-MRI to identify the lesion and affected sites

MRI reveals the following:

1. Chiari- Like malformation type 1 with kinking of medulla oblongata and cerebellar notching.

2.Intervertebral disc extrusion C2-C3 with sever spinal cord compression.

3.Intervertebral disc extrusion C4-C5 with increased degree of spinal cord compression.

4.Intervertebral disc protrusion C3-C4

5.Myelomalacia affecting cervical cord parenchyma over the bodies of C3, C4 and C5

Decision: Surgical Interference (Ventral Slot).