Computed Tomography of Disc Extrusion Hansen type I

Intervertebral disc prolapse Hansen type I ” Disc Extrusion” & Hemilaminectomy Case
(Follow up video 14 days after operation)

– A 3- years dog was presented to us in DrPaws Animal Hospital with acute onset of hind limb paralysis, urine retention & Constipation.

The Neurological examination reveals the following:

1. Increased patellar reflex if both HL (+3)
2. Normal Flexor reflex of both HL (+2)
3. Reduced cranial tibial reflex of both HL (+1)
4. Normal sciatic reflex of both HL (+2)
5. Normal perineal reflex (+2)
6. Absent proprioception (0)
7. Normal nociception (+2)

Type and grade of neurological deficits;
UMN deficit with Grade “4” , localized to T2-L4 spinal segments.

Prognosis; Favorable prognosis with surgical interference.

Decision: Computed tomography (C.T) to determine the accurate diagnosis.
C.T reveals the following;
1. Disc extrusion (Hansen type I disc prolapse) located between T13 – L1 vertebrae.
2. Herniated disc compresses the spinal cord with 50%.
3. Herniated disc material occupies the left and right side ventrally with 70% of the herniated content at the left side.
4. No cranial or caudal migration of the herniated disc material.

1. Hemilaminectomy surgical procedure to remove the herniated disc with expected recovery period upto 3 months.
2. Medical treatment (Steroid with tapering, neuro-vitamins, Gabapentin, Gastroprotectant)

Follow up videos reveals;
1. Excellent recovery at 14th day after surgery
2. With expected more improvement of the proprioception of the left leg (Video)