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Dr. Esam Almenshawy

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Welcome to Small animal Veterinary Surgery website. This website was developed for those who are seeking practical small animal veterinary surgery knowledge. To achieve that purpose, we are pleased to provide  visitors with the required practical surgical operation atlases. In addition to that, a variety of useful handbooks, research papers, upcoming small animal surgery training events and workshops are available. Our mission is to disseminate veterinary surgery scientific knowledge among students, postgraduates, trainees and practitioners in both traditional and advanced surgical procedures including soft tissue surgery, orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery and minimal invasive surgery.

(Esam G. Almenshawy)


Great thanks to professor Dr. Pozyabin Sergey Vladimerovich for his invaluable efforts in honing the surgical talent of the website owner for the last 5 years. Professor Sergey Vladimerovich is the first orthopedic Surgeon in Russian federation. He had supervised our doctoral thesis while heading Small Animal surgery department in Moscow state Academy of Veterinary medicine. In addition to that, our Small Animal Surgery residency program for the last 5 years had been supervised by professor Dr. Pozyabin Sergey Vladimerovich.


Sergey Vladimerovich

Pozyabin Sergey Vladimerovich

D.V.M., Professor, Professor of Veterinary Surgery, Head of Department. President/Rector of Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology.